Friday, August 7, 2009

Making Arabic Coffee!

Hello, faithful podcast subscribers! I've been telling those of you on Twitter and other social networking places that I would be making an Arabic coffee podcast as soon as I got the proper equipment. Well, it is finally here, and so is my shipment of wonderful Arabic coffee. On this show, we actually do make and drink Arabic coffee. I used an ibrik, which is a Turkish/Arabic coffee kettle. We put that on the burner and did our coffee making right here, and it was fantastic. If you would like more information about Arabic coffee, check out Coffee Break. The nice lady there would love to sell you some Arabic coffee, and she will even help you find traditional ibriks if you need them. A note to all listeners. Do *not* follow my advice on the podcast concerning the proper link to her site. I gave incorrect info in the show, so please do follow these show notes. If, for some reason you do not follow these notes, you won't get to the correct site. I'm sorry about that, but I'm not going back and re-editing the podcast just for that! LOL! Pitiful, right? Oh, well, sue me!!! See you on the next show!!!

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