Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Making Coffee with My New French Press.

Hello, all. It is time for another of my famous coffee podcasts! This one features the lovely Abigail and I as we set up and user my new French Press coffee maker for the first time. We also debut some really good Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. I really think you will enjoy it very much, so get ready for some major coffee. Here is the show!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Correcting some misunderstandings.

Hey, good podcast listeners. This is another brief one from Dennis Bartlett. Thanks, Dennis! In this one, Dennis clears up some misunderstandings about yesterday's iPhone productivity podcast in which some WIndows users were angered by some very minor remarks about Outlook. Certainly, we must all respect each other's views, and I do ask that my listeners respect Dennis' views on this matter. I will post no more podcasts concerning this, but Dennis does need to be allowed to clear up what was clearly not meant to set off a new Windows VS Mac war in the blind community. With that in mind, please enjoy the show. See you next time.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Productivity with the new iPhone 3G S.

Hi, all. This is a very brief podcast, and it comes to us from Canada. Our good friend, Dennis Bartlett, tells us how his iPhone is being used in a very productive way. What is quite unique about this one is the fact that Dennis actually recorded it on his iPhone. As far as I know, this may be one of the first podcast recordings done on the iPhone for the blind community. How cool is this!!! In any event, enjoy the show, and I will return very soon with another episode of the BlindWorld Blog and Podcast.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Booksense unboxing!!!

Hello, podcast listeners. It is time for another episode in the long list of BlindWorld podcasts!!! This time, we shift away from the Mac for a bit to focus on a new product from GW Micro, the makers of the Window-Eyes screen reader and the Braillesense notetaker. Today, we present to you a new pocket-sized book player that they have come out with, known as the Booksense. A very dear friend of mine, Buddy Brannan, will demonstrate this unit after he unboxes it for you! He gives you a brief tour of the unit, and you get to see him use it for the very first time! Join Buddy as he unpacks his new toy on this episode of the BlindWorld Podcast! Here is a special note for you! Listen very carefully to the introduction to this podcast!!! Doesn't Buddy's beautiful daughter, Alina, sound just too sweet? She's awesome!!! Thanks for doing that cool intro, Alina, and thanks to Buddy for the show. Look to hear Alina on future episodes as well!!!