Monday, September 14, 2009

Awesome new Round Table Podcast!!!

Hello, all. I hope you are having a fine day, wherever this new update finds you. Today, I am very excited to present the latest in our series of Round Table shows!!! This one, is some ways, is the funniest podcast I have ever produced. The gentlemen who took part were aid back, totally cool, and letting their funny sides show!!! We had Steve Sawczyn of Augusta, Main; Dennis Bartlett of Thermal, California; Jessie Hernandez, of Miami, Florida; Buddy Brannan, of Erie, Pennsylvania; Shane Jackson, of Vestavia Hills, Alabama; and a surprise guest, Robert Carter, of College Station, Texas. A big welcome goes out to Robert for his debut on our show, and we hope he returns, often. Also, a big hats-off to Apple for the updates discussed in this show!!! You all enjoy, please, and take good care. We'll look forward to being with you on the next BlindWorld Podcast!!! Life is so beautiful!!!