Sunday, June 21, 2009

iPhone Podcast 3: THE IPHONE!!!

Now, after talking about it, after getting it, after feeling how smooth and sexy it is in the hand, we put it through its paces! Join Darcy Burnard, Buddy Brannan, Jessie Hernandez, and I as we introduce you to the iPhone in a big way. We discuss the iPhone at length, we take the phone through its home screen, visit the phone app itself, take a look at browsing the web and sending messages, as well as talking about the compass! After that, we do some more cool things with the iPod section of the iPhone, and we talk about how much of a revolution this is for the blind community. We also give a shout out to our very fine friends at Serotek and talk about their wonderful contributions to the discussion of the Iphone and the Apple platform, although they are a Windows screen reading manufacturer. Thanks, Mike, and all the folks over there. We hope you enjoy this one as well as we did! Now, sit back, find your favorite beverage, and listen to the iPhone!!! Thanks to the participants, and a big thanks especially to Darcy Burnard for his wonderful hosting job! Also, a huge thanks to Jessie Hernandez for believing that I could figure this thing out in less than two days! Finally, thanks to Buddy Brannan for being another brand new guest on the BlindWorld podcast. We hope you like this show, and we intend to do more, here at BLindWorld, so stay tuned.

iPhone Podcast 2: Trip to the AT&T store!

Well, howdy, yet again. This time it's off to the AT&T store, bright and early on Friday morning. It's all as I promised you! I stand in line, get very hot, finally get in the store, and get my iPhone! I have bleeped out a phone number in the middle of the show, so you should not be alarmed if you hear a loud beep. Anyway, have fun, and enjoy this second episode of the series of iPhone podcasts. The 3rd one is the big one; the one you have all been waiting for; and it is coming. Again, I promise!!!

iPhone Podcast 1: Count-Down to iPhone!

Hello, all. Here comes the great iPhone extravaganza I have promised you all. The iPhone arrived yesterday, and I have been using it ever since. Thursday night, I began the count-down with some musings. This first show is the first of a a series that now numbers three podcasts concerning the iPhone. I expect it to grow bigger, but for now, it's a trio. Enjoy, please!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nfb Trashes Mac!

Hello, all. The Screenless Switchers Podcast has just posted a rebuttal to a horrifying article about Mac OS X that is to be published by the National Federation of the BLind. This is the second time this organization has trashed Mac OS X, and it is absolutely disgraceful. I received permission from the owners of The Screenless Switchers Podcast to air their episode on our show. Please click here to listen. As a slight warning, I will tell you that this episode is very long, over 2 hours. Please do listen to the whole thing, though, as it is most relevant and very thorough. Thank you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WWDC Round Table Podcast!

Hello, all. Yes, it is time again for another BlindWorld round table. This time, I, along with Darcy Bernard of Ontario, Canada who is half the duo that operates the two podcasts which can be found by visiting the Screenless Switchers podcast and the Darcy and Holly podcast, Jessie Hernandez from the Metro area of Miami Florida, Dennis Bartlett also living in Canada, Pratik Patel who lives in New York City, and Scott Rutkowski of Sidney Australia, discuss all the happenings at yesterday's WorldWide Developer's Conference. We highlight the new MacBook Pro line of laptops from Apple, the upcoming release of Snow Leopard, and the biggest news of all, the fact that the newest addition to the iPhone line of devices will be accessible to the blind. Join us for a great deal of great information, some serious chat, and even some fun thrown in for good measure. Click here for the show. I hope you find it useful, and I hope you pass it on to anyone that would benefit from its content. See you next time