Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Destin Part 4.

Hello, folks. This is the last one of our series concerning our summer vacation. On this final episode we are off to ride the Seablaster! This is the biggest speedboat in Destin, and it took us about three miles out into the Gulf of Mexico!!! We had a very good time, and some of the people on the boat had a better time than we did, apparently. The beer and wine were flowing, and you can tell it!!! By the way, we had none. I joke about it constantly, but I ended up drinking a bottled water!!! Good stuff! Enjoy the podcast, and I'll be back very soon with another regular episode. There were a couple more shows that I planned to do, but they did not turn out like I wanted them to do, so they will not be posted. Later!

Destin Part 3.

Welcome to the third podcast in our vacation series. This time, we go down to the beach and almost get blown away by the wind. Poor Little Zoom H2! It didn't stand up well i that strong wind, but I made the best of it. I hope you crack up at the very end. The sind screen came loose and the recorder dropped out of my shirt. It was hanging by the headphone cable, and I was very grateful to have caught it before it hit the sand. It is funny, and you will love it! Here is the podcast!!!

Destin Part 2.

We continue with our summer vacation, and this time, we go to the very famous Luck Snapper Restaurant! It was a fantastic trip, and you will be joining Abby, her family, and I, as we eat and chat for quite a long while. You also get all the ambience you have come to expect from the BlindWorld Blog and Podcast!!! Enjoy the show and come back for the next one in this series!

Destin, Part 1.

Hello, all. It is early in the morning, and I am still up podcasting. Here is the first of four podcasts from Destin, Florida. We had a wonderful time on the Gulf Coast last week, and you get to enjoy some of what we did. I hope you enjoy these vacation podcasts. See you next time!