Monday, September 27, 2010

Sendero GPS, LookAround

Hello, all.  Have you ever wanted to find out what's in your neighborhood, and -- more importantly -- have you ever wanted to do it with an iPhone app that is fully accessible?  You're at the right place.  Although there are many apps that let you look around and see what's nearby, this one is special because it is made by a company who understands GPS and who also understands accessibility.  Check out this cool review of the LookAround app, done by my good friend and new co-host, Kevin Chao.  We look forward to many more reviews by this fine fellow, and I thank him immensely for this submission!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Birthday Carriage Ride!

Hello, all.  It is yet another in our on-going array of sound-seeing tours.  This time, Brandon and Kelly go on a really nice carriage ride to celebrate Kelly's birthday.  I hope you have fun joining them on their trip, and we look forward to yet more sound-seeing stuff from Brandon!!!  See you next time!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Speech recognition for Apple iDevices!

Hello, all.  Here is a really neat podcast about using Dragon Dictation on your Apple iDevice.  A gentleman who has appeared on BlindWorld several times in the past, Mr. Brandon Armstrong of Texas, USA, is the host of this show.  Sit back and enjoy the podcast, as Brandon shows you how to use this cool and now-accessible program to speak to your iDevice and have it input text for you.  Thanks to Brandon for this submission!  We at BlindWorld really appreciate it!!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Long-Awaited Accessibility Round Table Podcast!!!

It has indeed been quite a while since BlindWorld has done an accessibility podcast, and I thought it was about time we changed that.  Last evening, or whatever time of day is was for you all, I got together with six new participants, and this is the result of that gathering.  For this podcast, we had members from Texas, ALabama, Arizona, Louisiana via California, New York, and we actually had two from Ontario, Canada.  It is truly an international podcast, and we had a blast.  It turned into a fantastic discussion of IOS 4 and how it is used on a daily basis in the routines of different blind persons throughout the world, literally.  I am very excited that these fellows would take the time to help me get this one out to you all, and what fun it was!  We always try to do our very best for you listeners, and I do believe we have come back into the podcasting arena with a bang.  Sit back, relax, have a drink of your favorite beverage, eat your popcorn, and enjoy the latest BlindWorld round table!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Second and Final Part of the Gulfarium Podcast.

Hello good listeners and readers.  On this concluding part of the show, we visit exhibits, go to two more shows and pet a dolphin.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.  BBe sure and stay tuned for the next podcast!!!

First Gulfarium podcast.

Good evening, all.  Well, at least it's evening where I am.  Our last full day in Destin was probably the best one for me.  I got to pet a dolphin, just as I've been hoping to do for over 30 years.  It was totally awe-inspiring, and you get to come along with me as I do it!  On this first part of the Gulfarium tour, we go to a couple of exciting shows, feed a sting ray, and look around at a few of the exhibits.  The next podcast will be coming very soon, so stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Destin podcast.

Hello.  Today, I had some nostalgic fun with my trusty old iRiver IFP-799T! Anybody remember that one?  Well, I certainly do, and I brought it along for some fun.  My only wish is that I had my little stereo mics down here, but alas, I do not.  In any event, enjoy this little bit of podcasting fun as I do a recording from the Back Porch seafood restaurant.  It's all good!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

3rd and final Naval Air Station podcast.

Good evening, all. THis is the 3rd and final episode of the series of three podcasts that I recorded from the Naval Air Station museum at Pensacola.  In this final show, we finish our tour of the 2nd floor, watch a few movies, and head down to the parking lot and hop in the car for the ride home.  Thanks for listening, and I hope to do at least one more podcast from our summer vacation in Destin.  Next time, then!

More of the Naval Air Station Museum tour.

Hello, all.  This is the 2nd podcast in the series of three that I recorded from the Pensacola Naval Air Station Museum.  In this episode, we visit the 2nd floor after having left the Imax.  We walk around, look at planes and all sorts of plane parts and accessories, and the show ends with us going on a motion ride.  It is a flight simulator, and I think you'll enjoy us having fun on it.  Stay tuned for the final episode, coming up in a few minutes.

Naval Air Station, Part 1

Hello, all.  The following group of podcasts are a series of events that happened earlier this afternoon.  I, along with my father-in-law, Benny, and my brother-in-law, Paul, went up to the Naval Air Station Museum in Pensacola, Florida.  It took us about an hour each way, and we spent around 4 hours in there.  What fun!!!  As you will be able to tell, we had a blast.  I have divided the podcast into three parts, and this is the first one.  We arrive at the museum and head into the exhibits on the 1st floor.  Just as we are about to enter the Imax theater, which cannot be recorded, I end this episode.  Stay tuned for the 2nd and 3rd episodes, also coming up this evening.  If you are using iTunes, make sure and check the podcast feed often, so you can get all three episodes as they come down from my slow connection here in Destin.

The Crab Trap Restaurant in Destin.

Hello, all.  On SUnday afternoon, my lovely bride and I traveled to the Crab Trap, which is a seafood joint here in Destin.  The podcast was awesome, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  By the way, the food was very good indeed.  Stay tuned for several more podcasts of our summer vacation.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

First podcast from Destin!

Hello, all.  We arrived in Destin, Florida late last evening and got settled in and unpacked.  Today, we had our first visit to the beach, and man, the waves were awesome, and the wind was up a bit.  Thanks to the wonderful options built into my trusty new Sony PCM-D50 field recorder, the wind did not prove to be a factor, as I explain on the podcast.  I hope you enjoy this one, and there will be several more as our summer vacation continues.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Introducing a new host and having fun with the Book Port Plus!

Hello, all.  It is time for yet another podcast, and this time, we have Mr. Jamie Pauls to demonstrate his Book Port Plus for us.  It is an awesome show, and I trust that you all will enjoy it!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Long-anticipated podcast

Hello, all. I am so sorry to my faithful listeners! It has been ages since I have taken the time to do a podcast for you all, but I am making it up to you in a big way. Tonight, I recorded a show for you on my new Sony PCM-D50 field recorder, and man, did it sound some kind of good. I had a blast, and can you guess what kind of show it is? That's right! You people who love my cooking cast will love this cast!!! Take care, and please let me know you liked it! It will not be long before the next show, I promise you. Later!