Sunday, May 31, 2009

Syrinx round table!

Hello, all. Here is yet another round table from the BlindWorld Blog and Podcast. This time, Dennis Bartlett, Jessie Hernandez, Orin, and I all participate in a discussion of the Syrinx Twitter client for the Macintosh operating system. We also briefly talk about mobile phones and that really cool Twitter app, Twikini. We love that app, and we couldn't help discussing it again! Also, we just had an outright good time. Click here to enjoy the show!!! Thanks so much for listening! See you on the next episode!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Podcast on using Twitter with your Mobile Phone!

Good evening, morning, afternoon, whatever it is where you are!!! I am here with a long-anticipated podcast, and I appreciate those of you who have faithfully waited for me. Last evening, or early this morning, Steve Sawczyn, Jessie Hernandez and I did a really neat show on using Twitter with mobile phone technology and access software. We focused on JibJib, which is a java application fur using Twitter; and we also focused on Twikini, a very accessible Windows Mobile Twitter client. We had a ball doing this one, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Click here for the show and listen to your heart's content. I am also going to forward a link to the show over to the developer of Twikini, so maybe we'll get this guy some well-deserved publicity. Many blind persons are enjoying the benefits of his program, so let's help him all we can. See you all next time!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Hey, you all. Shane Jackson, here, with something you all just might find of great interest, especially if you use a Windows Mobile phone! This is a new twitter app for both Windows Mobile standard and Windows Mobile Professional, and it is called Twikini I really think it would be worth you checking this little gem out, as I have. Now, if you are totally blind, as I am, there is even more good news. This program works really well with Mobile Speak Pocket, a screen reader for Windows Mobile users who rely on speech, Braille, and magnification, and you really can't beat the price. Also, I know I'm supposed to post a screenshot of Twikini, if I want to get the program for free, but alas, being totally blind, I'm not sure how to do that just yet! I'll try, though. Maybe it will work. Let's see, here. This should be a picture of Twikini in action, so maybe that is good enough. I sure hope so. Anyway, I'm off to bed. You all go and look at this program, and put it to good use on your phones! Happy tweeting!