Thursday, May 1, 2008

Early morning post.

Good morning. It is very early indeed, and I am about to take a sleeping aid and go to bed. Abby and Caty will be leaving in a few hours. I hope I can wake up enough to tell her bye, Abby, that is. I'll miss her while she's gone. She'll be back on Saturday. I guess it's so hard because, in our four years of marriage, we've maybe spent two nights apart. It's sad when she leaves, as it reminds us both of the days when she used to leave so long ago, when we were courting. Goodness. At 34, you'd think I shouldn't feel that way; too sentimental or something. Not me. Anyway, it will be fine. I'm going to play Mac, sleep, eat, and have fun. YOu never know what I'll get into. However, all my thoughts will always be on Saturday night, when I will hear that key turn in the lock. She'll be home. I will miss you, Baby, and I love you! Good night, everybody. This blogger is going to try and rest.

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