Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Booksense unboxing!!!

Hello, podcast listeners. It is time for another episode in the long list of BlindWorld podcasts!!! This time, we shift away from the Mac for a bit to focus on a new product from GW Micro, the makers of the Window-Eyes screen reader and the Braillesense notetaker. Today, we present to you a new pocket-sized book player that they have come out with, known as the Booksense. A very dear friend of mine, Buddy Brannan, will demonstrate this unit after he unboxes it for you! He gives you a brief tour of the unit, and you get to see him use it for the very first time! Join Buddy as he unpacks his new toy on this episode of the BlindWorld Podcast! Here is a special note for you! Listen very carefully to the introduction to this podcast!!! Doesn't Buddy's beautiful daughter, Alina, sound just too sweet? She's awesome!!! Thanks for doing that cool intro, Alina, and thanks to Buddy for the show. Look to hear Alina on future episodes as well!!!

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