Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WWDC Round Table Podcast!

Hello, all. Yes, it is time again for another BlindWorld round table. This time, I, along with Darcy Bernard of Ontario, Canada who is half the duo that operates the two podcasts which can be found by visiting the Screenless Switchers podcast and the Darcy and Holly podcast, Jessie Hernandez from the Metro area of Miami Florida, Dennis Bartlett also living in Canada, Pratik Patel who lives in New York City, and Scott Rutkowski of Sidney Australia, discuss all the happenings at yesterday's WorldWide Developer's Conference. We highlight the new MacBook Pro line of laptops from Apple, the upcoming release of Snow Leopard, and the biggest news of all, the fact that the newest addition to the iPhone line of devices will be accessible to the blind. Join us for a great deal of great information, some serious chat, and even some fun thrown in for good measure. Click here for the show. I hope you find it useful, and I hope you pass it on to anyone that would benefit from its content. See you next time


Romack said...

Shane, looking forward to listening - but for some reason, the link is broken. Takes me to a domain expired page. Let me know if I can find it anywhere else.

Really appreciate your insight on the Mac OS. I am a Windows user through and through - but still remain hopeful that Mac will meet my computing needs soon and very soon. That's another discussion for another time.

I follow you on twitter - and would love to have some quality conversation about some of that. You can follow me: @justinromack or check out my website at www.justinromack.com

Peace brother.

Romack said...

...Oh, and I am looking forward to some podcasts regarding the iPhone 3GS from your perspective. I was being excited to see the implementation of Voiceover in this release, and as a blind user, look forward to seeing if this latest improvement will help to meet my mobile phone needs. I am getting in line at 8AM Friday morning in hopes of walking away with one.

Keep us posted with your take on the release.