Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Excellent day.

Well, hello. It is late in the evening, and I am just going to submit a little entry, here. Today was cool! Gerald and I did some business-related stuff, and then we had lucn at Buffalo Wild Wngs. I thought we were going to the one out in Trussville, but he surprised me and took me to our favorite one. Those wings are good. His wife, Kay, wants to come over there and have their wings some time, so we'll invite her soon, I'm sure. Not much else has been going on around here. We had prayer meeting tonight, and it was really good to see all the good folks at church. I intend to spend the rest of the night playing on the Mac. Abby leaves for Memphis on Friday morning, so it will be ery lonely around here for a day or so. 'll be glad when she gets back. I LOVE YOU, Baby Girl. I just lost the batteries in my Bluetooth keyboard, so I'm wired! It's cool, though, as I really need to use this keyboard more often. No ACB news to report accept to let you all know that the North Central Alabama chapter is not coming to the picnic. They said that Oak Mountain State Park was too far, and I understand that. We'll get together in the Fall, maybe. I'll blog again tomorrow, so check here in the afternoon, maybe! Life is good!

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